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Strive to make things better

It’s very common practice to fall into a system of doing something and very rarely deviate from it, especially if it seems to work well enough. However, if there’s a way to tinker with a method that sees time savings, financial savings or mental load reduction, it’s always worth revisiting tried and tested habits.

Finding ways to do repetitive tasks quickly is one example. In the below video Laurence from Soul Farm, Falmouth is using both hands and his knee to fold boxes as fast as he can. In any task it’s possible to find tips and tricks to reduce time.

HubSpot Video


There’s a Japanese term which means continuous improvement; kaizen. This philosophy is centred around making small, gradual and systematic improvements to make your business function better for you and your customers.

A great example of this is the Toyota Production System. Below is a detailed video explaining the vast difference that can come after evaluating a process and making small but significant changes.

How could this apply to your farm box business? Answer some of the following questions;  

  1. Why have you chosen the box style you have? Does it work as well as it can?
  2. What picking and packing system do you have in place?
  3. How are you currently running stock checks?
  4. Is all your packing equipment up to scratch?
Watch this video and see if it helps spark any questions you need to be asking or research you need to be doing.


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