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Pack racks for better farm box packing

As every farm box scheme will know, the time you take packing the boxes needs to be spent well. If you’re zigzagging across the room frantically like a pinball and the only thing you’re comfortably achieving is your daily step count target – it’s time to rethink the process!

Many box schemeshave customised their packing racks, making something precisely tailored to their needs. Everything is within easy reach, it’s often moveable, very often extendable, and it makes the task inordinately easier and, most importantly, more efficient. 

Below you’ll see an example. The upper shelf is angled with a ridge to give the best view, and it’s easy to grab what you need; you have some storage underneath and then a flat, smooth shelf in front where you can slide the boxes as you pack them.

Artboard 1 — ooooby dims

Don’t panic if DIY is not your strong point, there are other options. 

You could purchase a ready-made angled shelving system, and instead of having a smooth shelf to slide the boxes you’re filling across, you could alternatively have your filling boxes/bags on a trolley.

These links show an example (we’re not recommending these specific products as they aren’t tried and tested by us, simply showing you what’s out there)

Angled picking shelves

Multi-shelf trolley on wheels

If you’ve got a piece of kit you think other farm box schemes would find helpful and want to share, drop us a line!

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