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Ooooby on tour


The Ooooby team has been on the road recently to take part in some extremely exciting,  thought-provoking and inspiring events.

At the end of September we attended the inaugural Marches Real Food & Farming Conference, hosted by the Shropshire Good Food Partnership. With speakers from across the food system, from soil fertility to land access for new entrants, the event was a great way of bringing about knowledge exchange and building connections from the ground up.

PHOTO-2023-09-25-10-42-24Next up was the Market Garden Camp Out, organised by Soul Farm in Falmouth, that included wonderful food, swims in the sea, camp fires and lots of chat. The whole event centred around a special masterclass from Jean-Martin Fortier who was in the UK for the first time ever!

It was really interesting to hear from JM and to learn more about his work on making ecological, human-scale, sustainable agriculture economically viable via the Market Gardener Institute

IMG-1521-1Lawrence at Soul Farm gave us a tour of his market garden to show how he had put JM’s teaching into practice and everyone came away with food for thought as to how they can increase the financial yield of their market gardens. 

Finally, we were at Tolhurst Organics in Oxfordshire to attend the Organic Grower’s Gathering. More than 150 growers from across the UK made it to the event and were treated to 3 days of talks, on topics such as irrigation for soil and crop health, applying permaculture to your farm and the announcement of the launch of a Reboot Organic campaign.

We are rounding off the end of the year with a trip to North Wales for the Real Food & Farming Conference on the 1st/2nd November. If you’re interested in attending you can book your tickets here.

And to kick off 2024 with a bang we’ll be at the Oxford Real Food & Farming Conference on the 4th/5th Jan 2024. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 😊