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Ooooby backed by High Profile Impact Investment

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The A Team Foundation and Be The Earth have joined forces to back the next phase of growth for Ooooby.

This investment agreement has been achieved after a long and steady process of establishing the right type of instrument to enable Ooooby to grow as a local and ecological food platform without diluting the core principles of independence and autonomy.

It’s very important that Ooooby maintains independence and autonomy because we are committed to a path of progressive decentralisation to becoming a user-owned platform. This means that Ooooby will ultimately be owned and controlled by the farmers, artisans, hub workers and customers. We will never sell out to centralised control.

This commitment means that we need to work with the right investors that are aligned with our intention and will agree to terms that enable an exit-to-users.

The A Team Foundation and Be The Earth are both deeply committed to helping to realise an ecologically sound food system and they understand that resilient and durable ecosystems rely on diversity, decentralisation and broad distribution of ownership and control.

The funds secured from A Team and Be The Earth (along with three other impact investors) will enable us to grow our team and make key improvements to our technology. We will be raising further capital in the medium term, but we’re not in a hurry to do this, and we’ll be able to achieve solid progress with the resources now at hand.

Thank you A Team and Be The Earth for your willingness to back a better food system for the benefit of society at large and for your trust in our team to work successfully on helping to realise this vision.

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