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Listening and Adapting: How your feedback drives Ooooby's growth

A diverse selection of vegetables around a roadmap

We often receive questions like "Can you add a feature that does X?" or "When will you build Y?" While we can’t always give a concrete answer to these questions, what we can do is provide some insight into how we manage requests.

Our mission at Ooooby is to put local, small-scale, regenerative farming back at the heart of the food system. We do this by creating tools that simplify food selling for small-scale producers, thereby making this model more successful and viable. Your feedback helps us understand how well we're achieving this goal.

While our team has extensive experience running our own local food businesses, we've realised that each operation is unique, resulting in many suggestions for improvement - in the last month alone we received on average ten unique requests or suggestions per week! Most of these suggestions are great ideas that we want to build too, but we don’t have the capacity to build them all immediately. So, where to start?

The Ooooby team getting together in February to talk strategy and roadmapThe Ooooby team talking strategy and roadmaps

First, we log all suggestions (with your name), helping identify commonly requested features. It also starts to highlight potential areas needing a more comprehensive review if we see many suggestions with a common theme.

Every few weeks, we review our "big changes" for the next 3 - 6 months, taking into consideration our long-term strategy, existing and potential future hubs' needs. We don’t get detailed too far in advance, because we know that by the time we get to the future, things will have changed.

We leave empty space between the big things for small changes, requests, and issues that we know will come. This leaves us flexible to respond to situations and opportunities as they arise.

So where does this leave your specific request? We'll always address urgent, business-threatening issues immediately. If it's part of our 3-6 month roadmap, we'll provide a timeframe. Otherwise, we review outstanding issues regularly, aiming to deliver the most value to the most people in the short and long term.

We may not act on every idea or suggestion right away, but your feedback helps shape our priorities. We're committed to keeping you informed about our plans and appreciate your invaluable input. Please continue sharing your thoughts, it’s invaluable to us, it helps us build a better product, and we’re deeply appreciative.

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