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Does anyone fancy a game of Tetris?

Van packing…. Are you next-level brilliant at it, or is it the wing and a prayer method? However you view your expertise in getting your boxes en route, we have a few tips that might help.

  1. Have a plan – using a system like Ooooby allows you to plan your route most efficiently, and this, in turn, will label up your boxes in the order they need to be dropped off. 
  2. Pack your van in reverse order – it might sound obvious, but human nature wants us to start at ‘one’; sometimes, we can’t help ourselves! If you have 25 boxes to deliver, stick 25 on first and work your way back down. Make a note against the drop-off list where you’ve started and ended; it should make things much more manageable.
  3. Stack it - Use boxes you can easily stack and ones that won’t stick together. If you’re using bags, see if you can sort a racking system or crates to keep them in order.

Tip 3 — ooooby

If time is against us, it’s always too tempting to whack it all in the van and head out, but that extra prep will save you hours over a month!

Plus, if you ever move house, your moving lorry packing skills will be seriously on point.

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