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Best Green Manures To Sow Now.

What green manures can you sow now? Are there different types for different soils and ones that can be overwintered? Read on :)


We all know that having the best soil to grow our produce in is the key to a successful yield. There’s many ways to feed the ground that feeds us but when it comes to green manures - what can we be sowing now?


Best Green Manures

Here’s a few that could help boost your crop and fix some pest issues ready for next season.

Caliente Mustard - A wonder green manure, one that has biofumigant properties to ward off some very annoying soil borne pests as well as smothering weeds, boosting soil fertility and helping improve soil structure. You can plant this now until around the end of September to overwinter. 

Red Clover - Another one you can sow up until around the end of this month. A great green manure for suppressing weeds, fixing nitrogen and helping to improve the soils structure. Really good if you have light soil.

Field beans - These can be sown now up until November and they are a very hardy green manure, perfect for overwintering. These are little gems if you have heavy clay soil as their roots are brilliant for getting in and breaking up the soil while doing a brilliant job of fixing the nitrogen. 

Forage pea - Another cracker for overwintering and great for heavy soils. If you want to add an extra hit for weed suppressing, these are perfect to pair with red clover as the peas grow up to 1m high so work really well as a team to hit that weed issue!

If you have a favoured green manure that has worked wonders for you, please do let us know and we’ll give it a mention!

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