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Are you going with the flow?

Time is a precious currency, and when you are time-poor but “to-do” rich, you need to make some savings wherever you can find them.

Having a system in place when it comes to packing your farm boxes is essential, but how many of you have tested different ways to do it? Have you run one method against another with a stopwatch in hand? We suspect not!

Luckily other people have, and what’s most interesting is that the preferred system for box schemes worldwide may not be the most efficient. 

A lot of schemes will be using the batch packing method. This is where you’ll make up your boxes on mass. You’ll put the box together and put all of one product in; then you’ll go again with another product entering it into all the boxes. This seems a sound idea, doesn’t it? Apparently not!

The Batch vs Flow pick and pack system test has been done by several companies now, but here’s a great example video below – 


How about you test it out yourselves? Set up two stations with a person on each side. Lay out everything they’d need to complete the packing, hit the start button on the stopwatch, and see who finishes first.

Make sure you video it – we’d love to see the outcome; tag us on Instagram with the results @OooobyHQ 

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