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£0 to £1Million in under 12 months

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Ooooby launched UK operations with a Bristol hub in mid May 2020. Less than a year later there are now 11 hubs operating throughout the UK which have generated over £1M in local & organic food sales.

This result was achieved through some proper hard work and a £75k seed investment.

Platform sales over the next 12 months is projected to be £5M (5x) with a £500k - £800 pre-series A investment and more hard work.

Small-scale farms produce £3 Trillion worth of food globally each year.

Small-scale farms under 2ha are the long tail of the global food industry representing 33% of total food production with only 24% of the the gross agricultural area.

There are over 500 Million small-scale farms worldwide, most of which have tenuous channels to market and suffering from arbitrage exploitation. However, this underserved and relatively uncoordinated cohort of food producers is moving rapidly into the digital economy which is disintermediating the established supply chains and levelling the playing field.

The challenge, however, is that many of these farms are using basic off the shelf e-commerce tools in an ad hoc manner which are not fit for purpose and lack the sophistication needed to optimise their market reach and profit margins.

Ooooby is building a platform specifically designed for independent small-scale producers to engage in the digital economy with the firepower of enterprise grade trading systems at a fraction of the cost for the users.

Our purpose is to unite thousands of independent small-scale food producers, distributors and retailers through an open and coordinated marketplace.

We’re achieving this by creating an online platform that facilitates sales, transactions and logistics of food from independent and small-scale producers, via independent distributors and retailers, to end consumers.

The result being a highly coordinated decentralised network of independent food producers, distributors, retailers and consumers that makes high quality small-scale food viable, accessible, affordable and sustainable. 

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